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cantilever gates is that they are only supported at one end and are designed to operate without the need for a surface mounted track across the driveway. This is normally beneficial when there are large volumes of, or heavy, vehicular traffic. They require less space than swing gates and are easier to safeguard.

Cantilever gates are subject to reduced maintenance costs, making them a more reliable option than track sliding gates.

Cantilever gates continue to be the popular choice as a safe reliable gate design. They can be installed in a number of confi gurations, using bi-parting operation with options to include central pedestrian or smaller swing access gate.

Cantilever gates can also be installed with an overhead drive option for unrestricted operation in fl ood-prone areas or for alpine regions where drive mechanisms can be affected by compacting snow.

Roads and driveway entrances can be spanned up to 10 metres allowing clearance for central kerbs and road crowns. With less rolling resistance, cantilever gates can achieve faster,open and close speeds than track gates. Speeds can be adjusted and can be 'ramped' up or down at the end of the gate travel.