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Road Blocker

Road blocks offer maximum security for vitally sensitive areas against unauthorized entry of vehicles of all sizes and weights. Blocker is designed to disable and block vehicles traveling at speed of 40 Km/hr with gross weight of 30 tones


  • Drive Unit Electro:Hydraulic/Electromechanical
  • Electric motor capacity:Approx.3.0-7.5kW,3 phase,50/60 Hz
  • Tensile strength of structural steel components:490 – 600 N/mm2
  • Wall thickness of structural components:6mm
  • Blocking height above road level:750-1000 mm
  • Static impact load:600 KN
  • Wheel load:100 Ton vertically
  • Operating time Raising:4-5 sec.,lowering 3-4 sec.
  • Surface protection:Tri-Protected layers in accordance with special coating (zinc plus 2 layers of plastic coating).
  • Hydraulic:Castrol EP68 HYSPIN
  • Operating Temperature:- 5ºC to +55ºC
  • Power failure/emergency : operation By integrated hydraulic hand pump Electric controls Steel or glass-fiber reinforced cabinet, IP 65 Colour Pattern Front of blocking segment will be of different and distinct colour pattern as decided by owner.
  • The paint used will be anti-corrosive and luminous for night and bad weather.
  • Material of Construction: Engineered Structural Steel for high-impact.
  • Integration: can be done with any Surveillance & Access Control System.


  • High emergency impacts
  • Fast Operating Period
  • Long term Corrosion Protection
  • All Structural component is made up of steel with high tensile strength
  • Accumulator for emergency operation Blocking Segment with Hydraulic locking
  • In Built Warning Lights for Access Control
  • Powerful Electro-Hydraulic Drives and Control
  • All Electronics Parts CE Certify/Tasted.
  • Hand pump for Emergency Operation in case of power failure.
  • Induction Loops/Safety Loop.