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Night Vision Monocular is a compact device designed for observation and terrain orientation in darkness. The maximum recognition distance of the device depends on its characteristics and amount of ambient light that the device can gather and amplify. The same device will work several times better with a full moon on the sky in comparison to a starless cloudy night. Device magnification reduces, and objective lens size increases the maximum distance proportionally. However, a large objective lens increases weight and dimensions. The tube generation influences maximum distance, resolution, and… price.


  • Magnification
  • Field of view
  • Objective F number
  • Objective focal length, mm
  • Focus range, m
  • Exit pupil, mm
  • Eye relief, mm
  • Dioptre adjustment range


Night Vision Binoculars are designed for those users who are ready to sacrifice weight, dimensions, and price in favor of quality of observation. Normally we use both eyes in a daytime. Why should we turn into one-eyed Cyclops watching around through a Night Vision Monocular? Binoculars are more natural, and, besides, they are brighter because they utilize two tubes instead of one. However, the price of such construction is also nearly doubled because the tube cost contributes the most to the device price. Expensive generation 2+ and 3 devices share one tube for two eyes. This is known as bi-ocular.