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Hydraulic rising bollards are designed especially for high security vehicle entrances and for locations that has to be closed for motorized traffic on specific times (like private roads, controlled parking areas, industrial areas, shopping lanes, marketplaces etc). Whenever a vehicle collision occurs; bollards will destroy the front suspension system, steering linkage and other parts of the drive system so the vehicle will move only a few more meters and will be inactivated. They can be installed as a single unit as well as in groups. Bollards are driven hydraulically and the hydraulic drive unit is placed in an installation cabinet close to the bollards. In case of power failure bollards can be lowered manually. Standard unit has raised height of 60 cm but for special requirements up to 105 cm lifted height can be manufactured. With the help of plc/microprocessor controlled electronics, raise/lower function can be achieved by every kind of card readers, biometric readers like fingerprint or hand shape, radio control, on/off switch or key switch etc. Besides, safety accessories like loop detectors, photocells, flashing lights or red/green lights can be integrated to the control electronics very easily.


  • Multiple testing (single bollard / multiple bollards)
  • Unobtrusive appearance
  • Minimal foundation requirement (2.25 cubic meters)
  • Impact tested Equivalent to K12&PAS68 criteria
  • Manufactured from heavy gauge materials
  • Manual hand pump facility
  • Programmable Logic Control system
  • 100% Duty Cycling.


  • Comprehensive understanding of attack resistance and confidence in individual bollard performance
  • Aesthetically acceptable
  • Ease of installation
  • Confidence in proven performance
  • Strength and Durability
  • Operational under power failure conditions
  • Flexibility to interface with all forms of access control
  • Reliable and Dependable.