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Gate Range has long been considered the industry standard. Gate applications cover a wide spectrum ranging from once-a-day operation for factories and industrial sites through to the demands of the constant operation required for access control in high security operations. Whether for light duty or high security.

Drive Systems:

A range of various drive motors / gear boxes is available to suit the weight of the gate and the proposed application and expected usage. Drive motors can be either mains or solar powered and should include:

  • Adjustable opening and closing speeds
  • Limit or proximity switches for position sensing.
  • Manual override in the event of a power outage.
  • Controlled by a purpose-built control board or PLC (Programmable Logical Controller)
  • allowing linkages to a range of peripheral applications like alarms and strobe lights.
  • interfacing with common access control systems.
  • High speed retracing ability – achieving up to 1 metre per second gate speed.


  • Heavy Weight Gates:10 Mtr of Length- 1 No /12 Mtr of Length- 1 No – 4 feet HIGH
  • Drive Unit: Automatic Sliding Gate System has been especially designed for operation of extra large size gates & heavy gates as oftenly required at Factories & Complexes. It consists of shaft, crank, clutch, motor-reduction gear with worm gear on ball bearings, which are sealed in waterproof oil filled chamber for maintenance free and long lasting performance. The operation of drive unit is silent and requires no maintenance. Lockable drive unit delivers required thrust for quiet operation. Irreversible electro-mechanical drive unit keeps the gate securely locked while a special passkey provides release for manual operation during power failure.