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Surface Barrier are those barriers which is mount on the surface of a road.there are several type of surface barrier Surface Mount Road Blocker Surface Mount Road Blocker Provides a High Level of SecurityAgainst Unauthorised vehicle access.the Surface Mount Barriers Like Road Blocker are designed to provide a High Speed Deployment for secure installation from Vichele Attack.

Technical Specification:

  • Control Unit:Microcontroller
  • Integration:Capable of Integration with the overall architecture of Surveillance & Access Control System
  • Drive Unit Electro:Hydraulic/Electromechanical
  • Electric motor capacity:Approx.3.0,3 phase,50/60 Hz
  • Wall thickness of structural components:6 mm
  • Blocking height above road level:750mm
  • Impact or Crash Rate:Can Stop15,000 pound truck travelling at 50Km/h Speed
  • Wheel load:100 Ton vertically
  • Operating time Raising:4-5 sec.,lowering 3-4 sec.
  • Surface protection:Tri-Protected layers in accordance with special coating (zinc plus 2 layers of plastic coating).
  • Hydraulic:Castrol EP 68 HYSPIN
  • Operating Temperature:-25ºC to +70ºC
  • Power failure/emergency:operation By integrated hydraulic hand pump
  • Material of Construction:Engineered Structural Steel for high-impact.


  • No Foundation Requirment
  • On Site Assembly
  • High Quality Material Used
  • Manual Opertion Facility
  • Hydralic Construction


  • Can Be Used On Any Terrain
  • Fastest Installation
  • Operation In Power Failure Condition
  • Durability